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Alumni Forum Services, is an organisation that supports Harvard Business School alumni forums, YPO (Young Presidents Organisation) forums, and other peer circles.

Bob Halperin, Chief Education Officer of YPO and co-founder of Alumni Forum Services, asked Dan to design and develop a new website to facilitate a way for users to navigate through the rich repository of amazing resources that makes up Alumni Forum Services. From webinars to blog posts and resources covering all aspects of this subject, the data had to be organised and categorised in such a way that made sense.

Dan did this by listening carefully and responding to Alumni Forum Services' needs and then creating a user interface and user experience that are both accessible, easy to navigate and visually pleasing, and leave the user wanting to visit and utilise the website more often.

Since the launch of the new website in 2020, the community has continued to develop to the point that they are now moving on to the second phase of the service which is membership and paid access to the services.

The main features of the website are its

  • Mega menu with it's easy-to see list of subjects
  • Dynamic, searchable filters
  • Webflow CMS.

What was involved?

Web design

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I am very pleased to recommend Dan. He developed a brand-new website for Alumni Forum Services, an organization that supports Harvard Business School alumni forums, YPO forums, and other peer circles.

Dan designed the entire site, including the user interface and figured out how to make our wealth of services and resources easily accessible to our community of users. He was easy to work with, listened carefully, and was responsive to our needs.

I recommend him highly, and look forward to a continuing, long term relationship as we develop future generations of the website.