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For the first stage of building her website, Marina wanted it to simply display her stunning ceramic sculptures to the world.

CMS (Content Management System)

Being able to control and update the website's content with images of her latest sculptures in an easy and quick way, was essential for her to keep the website fresh.

Cutting out the middleman

Using a third party online market place can help an upcoming artist with their first steps to success, but to triumph and become truly independent, the apron strings have to be cut. To help Marina achieve this next stage the addition of a shop to her site will allow her followers and visitors the option to order and purchase directly from her.

Targeting the audience

Once the shop is up and running, the third stage will be to continue working closely with Marina to develop an effective marketing strategy using tools such as email marketing campaigns, SEO, social media and a blog.

What was involved?

Web design

Web development

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Having tried and failed on several occasions to set up my own website via an automated platform, I found working with Dan Nicholls an absolute godsend. Not only is he very knowledgeable and professional, he is also very easy going and can resolve any web issues that present themselves.

What I particularly like about working with him is the fact that, although he is a graphic designer, he has a profound understanding of the creative process in other disciplines too. This means that it was very easy for me to communicate clearly with him about what I wanted and that he did a fabulous job of delivering my vision for my website!
Marina Bauguil, Ceramicist